Thursday, November 12, 2009

Once Upon A Time

Hello All!

Wow - I have exciting news - FOUST FEEDS IN HEREFORD officially has my "line" of jewelry!!! YAH!!! I'm soooooo excited!!! Yesterday I had a great / random day off from the Bank for Veterans Day - and I finished up my pricing and pictures, and headed to Hereford! A great big shout out to my mom's friend Joan - THANK YOU FOR THE LEAD!! Susan is having a Christmas Open House on Sunday at Foust and she wanted to display some of my jewelry! 27 items later including rings, a key chain, bracelets, and some necklaces - I have started the quest on selling jewlery!!! Oh my gosh I'm so excited!
We are also having our first out of town guests tomorrow! I'm pretty excited about that too! Willie and his wife, Krissy are coming from Tulsa to the World Ranch Rodeo! I'm actually more excited about the trade show - but I'm excited to have company! So me and my sparkling house are patiently waiting for tomorrow to get here :) And - trying to keep Yogi off of the very clean and hair free couches! Now that, my friends, will be a CHALLENGE!!! Poor little guy is so spoiled! I'm thinking that he will just have to sleep on the bed with me tonight to ensure he does not get on the couch during the night :) I even had to clean off Rylie's chair so that she will have somewhere to sleep tonight - since she has decided that it's ok for her to get on the couches since Yogi can! I do love my short legged dogs!!!

Ok - I'm off to do just a little more touching up to my house :)

Love Love!