Monday, September 7, 2009

Making a House a HOME!

Hey! So - this Labor Day weekend while my closest friends were all gone - and the family was at a reunion at PK - I MADE MY HOUSE - OUR HOME :)



**DURING THE KILZ PROCESS - it took 2 coats of that stuff to cover the red in the room. Don't get me wrong - I love to paint - but that was A LOT of KILZ!

I went to Lowe's courtsey of the parents and a gift card to find paint! I took the KILZ with me that has been in the garage for probably 2-3 years! So - I had the guy "shake" it for me - and then I had him look at one other paint that I took in. Little did I know - it wasn't really paint - it was GLAZE! haha - no wonder it looked so light! So - then I wandered around trying to figure out where in the world the paint cans told me what color it was! I ended up with 2 little cards "Coffee Bean" and "Oatmeal". I went back over to the man that had looked at my paint that I already had and asked him "HOW DO I GET THESE 2 COLORS?" - **answer with a little bit of a smirk that said - "you really don't know what you are doing"** "I MAKE THEM FOR YOU." hahahaha - ok - so I really had NO CLUE! So I waited in line and finally at my turn - he proceeds to ask me what kind of paint I want? SERIOUSLY DUDE - I HAVE NO CLUE :) He was nice though and guided me in the right direction! I got "Satin" - just enough shine if I don't want to glaze over :) So - 1 hour later - I'm nome and painting away with KILZ!

AND .... we were dog sitting this weekend - and Gabby was being "herded" by my little black dog and she just brushed up against the freshly painted KILZ!! haha

Next morning - while Jody is soooo peacefully sleeping - I PAINT!

One wall - Coffee Bean - done :)

(I forgot to take a picture of mid point with Oatmeal - but you get the idea!)

FINISHED PRODUCT! Coffee Bean and Oatmeal :) Sounds yummy to me!

Next project for another weekend - the base boards and ceiling!


I have this little cabinet in my kitchen that my mom and dad baught me approx. 10 years ago - maybe a little bit more. I had it in my bedroom at home and then my numours apartments that I moved in to every 6 months since I moved out of the house :) So - I thought that it needed a "face lift!" We also could see all that I had "stashed" away in there - so I found a way to cover that up too!

I did start this project on Friday night with some of the "paint" that was in the garage - and was a little bit disappointed in how it looked! **Hence the fact that it was GLAZE!** No wonder I didn't like it!

So until the guy at Lowe's told me it was Glaze - I was going to go for this look! Pretty good I thought!

But then I got home with Coffee Bean and Oatmeal and had different thoughts!

We now have this cute little "new" cabinet in our kitchen! Stocked with all the things that won't fit on my counters and dog treats :) I did kind of confuse Yogs when I went to get his chewy tonight - he looked at me like I was crazy for doing something in between time of getting his chewy :)

I'm pretty proud of my cabinet "face lift!" Thanks Better Homes and Garden's magazine for the idea!

And I have been selling a few pieces of jewelry lately - so it has me int he creative mood again!


And personal favorite - a mom that I work with has a son that plays football for Canyon High :)
While shopping for beads for another necklace I'm making someone else at work - I stumbled on these bright pink beads! They were just too cute to pass up! I wish I had found them at the beginning of the summer so that I could have worn it all summer long!!! I'll just have to wait until next year I guess :)

($30 - without cross)

I'm really trying this whole long chain necklace thing - it's growing on me :) And of course - it's my 2 favorite colors! Pink and Black!


OH MY GOSH - I think these might be my new favorite!!! They can be pendants on a necklace - OR - MAGNETS!!! I do LOVE magnets!! haha - They can be all different colors - that you choose as a set of 4!
($20 - set of 4)

Well - this Labor Day weekend turned out to not be too bad! Next weekend - Goal #1 - conquor the base boards! WISH ME LUCK :)
Love Love! Lenna

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