Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Halloween

Well, no jewelry this time - but I did get a little bit crafty when I got home from my weekend road trip! For work we are having a pumpkin carving/decorating contest - so I participated by carving this cute little pumpkin.
Jody spray painted my pumpkin for me and I carved some holes and put little mice in them. It's supposed to be a piece of cheese with mice!
I think it's pretty cleaver and hopefully it won't smell too back by the end of the week! There were some good pumpkins that came in today to work - but hopefully mine will be in the top 3!
For the weekend - I drove to Abilene on Friday night - which by the way - I have decided that I watch too much "scary" tv. CSI - Tramua - you know all of the shows where bad people come out to get you at night! I was paranoid driving by myself (for some strange reason - never felt this way before) - there were cops everywhere between Post and Abilene - maybe I was more paranoid about getting pulled over in my fast car :) But on the other hand - I'm glad that I have a fast car so that if someone did try to get me - I could get away real fast! haha! I'm real funny! I know! j/k! Anyways - we got up EARLY on Saturday morning - we, being Shaylee, Gary, Alex and myself -- and drove to Arlington to Six Flags for Fright Fest. It was pretty fun! By the end of the day - Alex had a great day riding rides with all of us, my feet felt like I had walked about 10 miles (good thing I actually wore my tennis shoes for once and not flip flops), I actually rode a grown up ride - The Batman ride - it was GREAT! I did let go of all my fears on that one! I'm glad I did becuase it was really fun! I did ride some rides with Alex which was really fun! My little BFF is a funny kid!
After several hours of Six Flags - we left. Poor Alex was finally WORN OUT and ate his 2 cheese burgers and crashed - but so did I! Shaylee wasn't sure which one of us crashed first! The big kids crash hard I guess! It was tons of fun! Then on Sunday I spent a little bit of time with the mini BFF, Evan - and then headed home for "operation, find Jody's IPhone cord". I have completely cleaned the kitchen and now our bedroom - the 2 places that I "stash" things - and nothing. I guess I'll be making a trip to Target tomorrow :) YAH! It was a fun weekend and actually much needed to get out of town for a little bit! I sure wish Jody could have gone - but there is always next Halloween for Fright Fest! Hopefully this week I'll be able to put together a little bit of jewelry - I have some ideas in my head that need to come out and in to the bling world :) Have a great week everyone!
Love Love

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