Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crazy Blizzard of March '09!

Hey People!!
This is just a little bit of what has been goin on in our world!!! Our crazy Panhandle weather gave me plenty of time to get some "bead-dazzlin'" done - and I thought I would share a little bit with you!!!
Poor little Yogs thought Jody was coming home - so I think he was just patiently waiting for the door to open around 5:30! He's so cute!!!

The ice was finally starting to form at the end of the storm and I thought it looked pretty cool!

Yogi caught a small snowflake to the eye - but all in all - he had a great time running and playing in the snow! Riley loved the snow too - she ran and ran and ran! It was tooo funny watching them play together! At one point though towards the end of the night - they were having to leap in the snow since it was getting so deep! They enjoyed it much more than I did! Being cooped up in my house was not fun - especially since Jody had to stay in Borger for the night!

This was about 8:00 at night! The little lights are solar powered - so how they came on during a blizzard that shed no sun light all day - is beyond me! They were really pretty against the snow though!

It was great to see snow - but I'm glad that it didn't last too long!

I have tried to take about a dozen pictures of this AWESOME ring - but the bling just gets in the way - so this is about as good as I could get! I saw a ring like this in the Crafter's Mall and fell in LOVE - so I made my own!!!

I wish I was a Red Raider fan because this would be the perfect accessory!!!
THANK YOU BLIZZARD OF '09 for allowing me to come home early from work to be CREATIVE :)

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