Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finding Perfection!

Hey hey Party People! (ha - that was random but so needed!)

I am a little jealous of my friends right now! They are at a rodeo having fun - but I had to work this morning - so I wasn't able to go :( Boo on working Saturday mornings! Oh well - that gave me the opportunity to get a little creative tonight!!!

I went to Sam's today with my mom and her pretty new car!!! Little Highlanders are fun cars!!! I'm proud of my parents for finally getting a new car! YAH! And while at Sam's - I spend entirely too much money on nothing really - but I do love Sam's! So that got me in the mood to not sit at home! So I wandered over to the Crafter's Mall - which might I add - HAD NOTHING THAT I NEEDED! Uh! I hate that! Oh well - I did get some cute little Tea Towels with flip flops and sunglasses! I know Jody will just LOVE them when he sees them sometime tomorrow! hehe :) They I was on a mission since they did not have the pendant for a necklace that I need for a lady at work! So I went to Dusty's and was able to find something there that will work :) I spiced it up a little of course and this is what it turned out like!

I think it turned out pretty good!!! We'll just have to see what Miss Lorraine thinks :)

So that got me in the mood to "decorate" something - so I bought me a little something too!! I have NOTHING to go with it - but I'm sure I can find something in my travels to the mall in the coming month for SPRING TIME CLOTHES!!! Yah!!! Finally :) And this is what I came up with!

So ... now to figure out what to wear with LIME GREEN!!! (that is the color of the little crystals I put on it!)

And I finally was able to put together some necklaces with the beads my sister-in-law -aka - faithful follower! - picked out for me in my absense over the Easter holiday in Abilene! They are PERFECT and I love them!!!

Oh - AND ONE MORE! I'm not quite sure if I like this or not so I didn't glue it down or anything yet. The art of perfection and being a tiny bit obessive compolsive on everything being just right - got the best of me on this one :) I like the layed look - but I think paint would be better than just paper :) But we'll see what I can come up with to make it just what I want it to be!

oops! it's sideways - but i think you get get the idea :) let me know what you think!!!

OH K :) I guess I'm going to clean up my bead mess and go to bed! It has been a long day :) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for guidance and patience for me this week and the next couple of weeks that are headed our way :) I think (no - I KNOW) I need a little light shed on my world and what I am really supposed to be doing in my life! Jody and I read a devotional every night and I have found some pretty good little stories in there to keep me going - but trials keep popping up and I'm just not sure which direction I'm being led in right now! I almost feel like I'm walking in unknown territory since my life has been FLIPPED upside down since December. Everything really did happen for a reason - but my life was so "simple" with my day-to-day same ol' thing for 4 years and now - it changes in so many ways quickly - that sometimes I forget those purposes of December 1, 2008!

Much Love!!!

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