Sunday, April 12, 2009

<>< HaPpY eAsTeR ><>

Hey Hey People!

HAPPY EASTER!!!! It has been an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day!!! Except - I did not get the memo that the MALL IS CLOSED!!! (AND TARGET, AND KOHL'S!) and Old Navy didn't get it either - but I couldn't find a single thing I liked! Haha - NOT EVEN ON THE SALE RACK! WIERD :) But - oh well - I went to Wal-Mart instead and got me 2 little Pansie plants and some seeds to plant in some pots I have - I am just way too impatient on the true Spring Time to get here!!! So now - after my crazy morning of burning easter cookies shaped like rabbits, eggs, and tulips - I thought I would share what my crafty friends did on Friday night!

Katy made these ---

and Misty made these ---

I must say - I HAVE SOME TALENTED FRIENDS! Poor Misty might have my obsession with buying beads!!! Haha - the girl brought over a box full!!! We still have some beading to do since she has some leftover :) YAH!

And of course I made one too!!! I can't wait to wear it because I'm pretty sure it's the cutest one I have made yet!!!

and for your viewing pleasure - I put some dog hair in each one of these photos! My little short legged dogs are the BEST - but they shed sooooo much right not it's not even funny :) But - I won't have it any other way!

K - I'm off to walk the dogs - hopefully before it thunders and Rylie goes crazy :)

Much Love!

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